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Ilya Barmenkov Senior editor

Time Viewer is an application that captures your system time and displays it. The program's interface consists of only one tiny window. It appears every time you launch Time Viewer and shows your system current time. What is interesting, the program doesn't update time automatically and shows only the time it was launched at.
What is more, this is the only function of Time Viewer. It's a very difficult task to think out the purposes it can be used for. The developers of Time Viewer offer to use their product for noting down the time of using any application and say that you can set your preferences from the tools menu. But the only thing you can do from this menu is tick the 'Enable preferences', which will make absolutely nothing. By the way, you can not even learn what those preferences are.
The program supports the most widespread versions of Windows operating systems. But the compatibility and simple resources requirements can't save this application. There are a lot of free applications that perform the same task and includes a lot of useful tools, like reminders, timers, calendars, and many more.


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  • Very poor functionality.
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Publisher's description

Time Viewer™ is a 32-bit Windows application that displays the system time. Time Viewer accounts for changes in time such as daylight savings and time zone settings. Time Viewer™ works by actually capturing your system's built-in clock data. Time Viewer then displays this time information so that you can easily discover the exact time- at any time!
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